More about me

Life is not all about numerical simulations and data analysis. In this page, I collect some additional information about me that will help you understand better who I am.

I am a fan of…

(in no particular order)

National Parks

I have the luck to live in a place that offers endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, so my favorite weekend activities are hiking and cycling. When I have a little bit more time, I love to explore the stunning National Parks and Forests that are in Arizona and in the South West.

GNU Emacs

My digital life revolves around GNU Emacs, tool for pretty much everything (to the point that my computer boots directly into Emacs). Despite its old age, Emacs is a truly remarkable piece of software.

Historia Civilis

I consider Roman and Greek history extremely interesting, so it should not come as a surprise that I am a big fan of Historia Civilis. Using animations, this YouTube channel presents classical history in a detailed and accurate way.

Hello Internet

Hello Internet is a podcast that defines itself as “two guys talking” (CGP Grey and Brady Haran, famous educational youtubers). It is difficult to explain why, but I find Hello Internet to be a great source of entertainment.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is one of the devices that changed my life the most. Its small form-factor and the back-light provide a far superior reading experience than traditional books.

Baking pizza

Over the years I’ve baked hundreds of pizzas, often with homegrown basil and tomato. What I have yet to try is to prepare my own mozzarella.