Sensitivity (power spectral noise) curves of known detectorsΒΆ

The module sensitivity_curves (Reference on kuibit.sensitivity_curves) contains functions that return FrequencySeries with known detector noise curves on given frequencies.

The routines are named Sn_*, with * being a detector name (for example, Sn_LISA) and take a ordered numpy array with the frequencies where the noise has to be evaluated. In some cases, additional parameters can be passed as well. The frequencies supplied have to be in Hertz, and the output is a FrequencySeries with the power spectral noise density (in 1/Hz).

The output of the functions in sensitivity_curves is ready to be used elsewhere in kuibit where noises are required.

Available detectors are: - Advanced LIGO (Sn_aLIGO()) - Advanced LIGO Plus (Sn_aLIGO_plus()) - Voyager (Sn_voyager()) - Cosmic Explorer 1 and 2 (Sn_CE1(), Sn_CE2()) - Einstein Telescope (Sn_ET_B()) - KAGRA (Sn_KAGRA_D()) - LISA (Sn_LISA())