What users say about kuibit

In this page, we collect short reviews by users. If you want to add your review, feel free to open an issue on GitHub, or to send to one of the maintainers via email or Telegram.

“I wish I had kuibit when I started working with the Einstein Toolkit.”

—Gabriele Bozzola, PhD candidate at The University of Arizona (2020)

“As a PhD with no previous experience in numerical relativity, kuibit enabled me to analyze simulations, instead of spending months to understand and write programs only to read the simulation data.

It allowed me to focus on the science.”

—Stamatis Vretinaris, PhD student at Radbout University (2021)

“By making the process of parsing, processing, and visualizing my Cactus-produced data far simpler than any other tool, Kuibit has made me realize how much my old methods for doing these things were holding me back.

I find myself asking more and better scientific questions now that exploring my data and making diverse visualizations is not the time sink it used to be.”

—Erik Wessel, PhD candidate at The University of Arizona (2021)

“With Kuibit, I could use my favorite way (in Jupyter notebook) of working with simulation data which no other tool currently provides. Moreover, it follows best practices in making the details of data easily available to work with. I would recommend it to any beginner into Cactus data analysis.”

—Rahul Kashyap, Postdoctoral Scholar in the Eberly College of Science, Pennsylvania State University (2021)